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If you are looking for a group of diverse professionals that is well-versed on the ins and out of the mortgage industry, look no further than The Mortgage Marketing Animals. Whether you’re a loan officer or a Relator®, this elite group has a plethora of knowledge they provide to make your business run more smoothly and successfully. Their coaching sessions and detailed, personalized advice will provide you with thoughtful marketing strategies from an LO or a Relator® standpoint.

Today, Floify is excited to be partnering with The Mortgage Marketing Animals to offer you a 25% discount off the first 4 months of your Floify subscription.

Seize this opportunity, and start closing your loans faster; book a demo with Floify to learn more!

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About The Mortgage Marketing Animals

The Marketing Animals is THE coaching and mentoring mastermind group that works with a select group of mortgage professionals and real estate agents. They teach  today's cutting edge marketing strategies whether you are a loan officer or real estate agent, or if you are even a loan officer looking for a job, they have a special place for you!

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