Premium Credit Bureau

Seamlessly Integrated Credit Reporting

Floify's integration with the Premium Credit Bureau (PCB) reporting solution enables loan originators to quickly and easily get validated applicant credit information directly within Floify by leveraging the originator's existing PCB account.

Setting up the integration in Floify requires just a single-click to enable, and then the originator's account credentials are entered and subsequently stored for future use on the PCB order form.

Once the integration setup is complete, a credit pull can be initiated on-demand from a Floify loan flow and can also optionally be configured to run automatically upon the submission of a Floify 1003 loan application.

The PCB integration takes advantage of Floify's built-in credit authorization functionality, which empowers borrowers to digitally submit their consent to originators in just a few clicks.

After credit has been ordered, the full tri-merged report will be delivered to the yellow bucket of the corresponding Floify loan flow within moments and is viewable only to the loan originator and lending team for processing.

  • Premium Credit Bureau order process
  • Premium Credit Bureau order process
  • Premium Credit Bureau order process
  • Premium Credit Bureau order process
  • Premium Credit Bureau order process
  • Premium Credit Bureau order process

How to Install

  • Installing Premium Credit Bureau (PCB) integration through Floify
  • Installing Premium Credit Bureau (PCB) integration through Floify

About Premium Credit Bureau (PCB)

We believe in "working for broker, borrower and bank". Never has this been more important than todays market.

Our multi-lingual staff works diligently with originators and borrowers alike, to prepare and issue compliant profiles that meet the joint guidelines prescribed by HUD/FHA/FNMA/FMAC/USDA/VA and the Secondary marketplace.

We take pride in our longevity and place in the industry since 1985. In this time we have strengthened our resources and products through acquisition and the employment of key and strategic personnel from the industry; and the selection of qualified vendors to ensure timely action during a rare “glitch”.

At Premium Credit Bureau, live operators answer the phone. We offer “cover crews” for major holidays, and prepare for catastrophic back up through the use of bi-coastal servers. We are available after hours and weekends by appointment for consultation, open houses, first time buyer fairs, and the like.

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