Streamline Your Mortgage Office

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Floify integrates with the Encompass LOS to maximize efficiency of origination

Improve speed, accuracy, and compliance

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Link a Floify loan flow to a corresponding Encompass loan file

Once your Floify/Encompass adapter has been connected, you will use Floify to search through your Encompass and find a borrower loan file that corresponds to the loan flow you are starting or editing in Floify.

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By searching Encompass, we bypass manual entry of the loan file number and eliminate a source of error. Once you’ve got the proper Encompass loan file selected, Floify will know exactly where in your LOS to send uploaded borrower loan documents.

Easy upload of borrower docs to your LOS

After linking your Floify loan flow with the corresponding Encompass loan file, you will have the choice to have Floify automatically upload documents to Encompass when you give docs the “thumbs-up” to accept them in Floify.

encompass upload stack and send

Not everyone wants Floify to automatically push docs to Encompass. For those customers who prefer to control that process, we use the familiar Floify stack-and-send feature to manually choose what docs to upload to Encompass.

We’re working hard to make this integration better and better. Check back periodically for updates!