Build an Efficient, Modern Mortgage Origination Process

Floify helps loan originators save time, increase satisfaction, and provide a modern, mobile-optimized mortgage experience for their borrowers.

✅  Securely gather documents lightning fast

✅  Stop taking applications manually

✅  Offer referral partners a transparent process

✅  Give borrowers a mobile-optimized experience

+ more for $59/month

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“I signed up for Floify in 2015. Since then, I have averaged over $165 million in personal production and never had to email a client for documentation. The $50 monthly subscription cost contributed to my revenue of over $100,000 per month.

– Calum Ross, Principal Broker, The Mortgage Management Group


Gather Borrower Documents FAST

Take the frustration out of document collection (and get those tax returns and bank statements submitted faster than ever)! Floify's secure system empowers borrowers to upload quality documentation with complete transparency for all.

  • Easy-to-use and navigate borrower portal
  • Increase accountability with gentle reminders about pending docs and unfinished applications
  • Always know the status of each loan file
example of floify automated email status update

Pain-Free Status Updates

Fully customizable and template-based email and text message notifications keep borrowers, co-borrowers & referral partners up-to-date with little effort.

  • Customizable and data-merged templates for email/SMS
  • Loan milestone tracking bar
  • Partner portal for agents to monitor loans and self-generate branded pre-approval letters

“Having my clients do the application through Floify has changed my career. It has freed up more time for me to get more business, instead of spending that time taking an application over the phone, which took up to an hour.”

– Allen Coombs, Loan Officer, Fidelity Mortgage, a Division of Bay Equity Home Loans

Allen Coombs Bay Equity Home Loans

Take More Applications with Less Effort

Floify's modern, web-based 1003 creates a smooth mortgage application experience that guides borrowers along the path of least resistance, ensuring high accuracy and completeness.

  • Guided questionnaire with accuracy reviews
  • Customizable color schemes and landing pages
  • Automatic generation of document needs lists
  • Easy to enable Spanish subtitles
floify 1003 loan application

Keep Better Data With Integrated Systems

Floify acts as a centralized workflow platform with our many partners, giving LOs the power to build the integrated technology stack of their dreams.

  • Dozens of integrated credit reporting agencies
  • Enterprise-grade LOS integrations with Encompass, BytePro, and LendingQB
  • eSignature, VOA, VOI, and VOE, CRMs, cloud storage

Integrates With

credit plus
accountchek by formfree
byte software
Partners Credit
Google Drive
factual data by CBC

... Plus Many More!

Add Your Branding, Make It Your Own

Take advantage of a huge number of available customizations to tailor Floify to your processes, and put your company brand front-and-center.

  • Brand Floify with company logo, color scheme, email signature and more
  • Customize the web portal with dynamic layouts powered by unique and flexible data fields.
  • Craft simple trigger-action rules to dynamically change the information displayed on the screen.
customized floify borrower view
floify mobile loan pipeline

Give Borrowers the Option to Do Business on Mobile 

With a responsive design for mobile web browsers, native iOS and Android apps, and LO-branded progressive web apps, Floify includes everything a loan originator could need to serve a mobile borrower.

  • Mobile-friendly from loan application through clear-to-close
  • Photo document upload with automatic PDF conversion
  • Optional custom white-labeled mobile app available to Enterprise lenders

For Enterprise Lenders: A Better Disclosure Experience

Floify's Disclosure Desk solution integrates with an Enterprise's LOS and the DocuSign eSignature platform so that lenders can deliver a single access, end-to-end mortgage experience for their borrowers.

  • Borrowers receive, review, and sign disclosures within the same familiar, branded web portal
  • Centralized disclosure monitoring at the team and company-wide levels
  • Mobile-friendly solution allows signing on any device
floify esignature disclosure desk

Transparent & Predictable Pricing

(No hidden or per-loan fees!)
  • Customizable, web-based 1003 application
  • Secure, white-labeled mortgage portal
  • Integrated eConsent and Authorization to Pull Credit
  • Automated status and milestone updates
  • White-labeled templates
  • Unlimited storage
  • Branded progressive web app
  • Custom fields, layouts, and business rules
  • Referral partner portal & on-demand pre-approval letters
  • Access to a suite of best-of-breed solution integrations
  • Mortgage calculators with built-in lead capture
  • Company dashboard and compliance configurations

All for $59/month/user

See Why Loan Originators Prefer Using Floify

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