Floify's DocMagic Integration

There are few things more important to mortgage professionals than staying on the cutting edge of technology and surpassing the competition. Thanks to our recent partnership with DocMagic, savvy enterprises and LOs alike are now able to take a giant leap forward in the mortgage industry, one eSignature at a time.

So, what could be better than a leading digital document platform and your favorite mortgage point-of-sale solution coming together? Nothing!

Floify recently rolled out one of our most innovative integrations with document generation, automated compliance, and digital transaction services giant, DocMagic. DocMagic utilizes eSignature, collaborative closing, and mobile mortgage technology to provide borrowers and lenders with the most efficient and effective way to advance the mortgage process at every stage. Behind the scenes, Floify does all the heavy lifting so you can accomplish everything you need to within the Floify platform. No more wasting time moving through multiple portals; you will only have to log into ONE portal to access a borrower’s disclosure agreement and more!


All-in-One Solution

By utilizing our integration with DocMagic, LOs can connect borrowers with their specific, electronic disclosure package directly from the Floify dashboard. The disclosure package will then remain in one place throughout the entire mortgage process.

Although ideal for enterprises, single LOs and brokerages may benefit from our DocMagic integration as well at no additional cost.

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Seamless Document Management

Operating alongside Floify’s robust email/text notification system and dynamic document management portal, DocMagic is the ideal solution for organizations looking to expedite their loan origination process.

Users of Floify, including lenders and borrowers, will love how swiftly DocMagic requests are automatically pulled into Floify. The system is able to match the user’s LOS loan identifier from the DocMagic package with the LOS loan identifier on your Floify loans.

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Level-Up Your Mortgage Game

Floify understands how important it is for our customers to be as informed and productive as possible. Luckily, DocMagic does, too. With this integration, you will transcend borrower expectations throughout each step of the mortgage process.

When you take advantage of DocMagic and Floify, there is no stopping you from becoming the most powerful mortgage pro in the game.

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