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Floify redefines how you originate, making you faster, better, and more efficient. Our state-of-the-art platform is designed with mortgage brokers in mind, ready to propel your business to the next level.

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Life became much easier after Floify! I LOVE Floify!

Edwin Taylor,
Atlanta Intown Mortgage Inc.
With Floify, our business will continue to flourish into the future.
Michael A. Verdicchio,
Homeland Lending, LLC
Ben Binger,
Alloy Mortgage
I love Floify so much, you guys are the best!
Qais Hudhud,
Premier Lending, Inc.
Best-in-class support with Floify!
Bill Marshal,
Merchants Home Lending

Features Tailored for Mortgage Brokers

Streamline your loan origination by automating existing processes for faster closings

Enhance borrower experience by providing a seamless, user-friendly platform that keeps borrowers engaged

Boost retention by creating customers for life with post-close customer care tools and incentives

Gain a competitive edge by differentiating your brand with continuous innovation

The Porch home app helps borrowers with every aspect of their pre- and post-move experience, including:

Stay in front of your borrowers post-close with your contact information featured in the app

How to recognize and prepare for mortgage industry cycles and the impacts of interest rate changes on borrower's buying power

Why 60% of lenders feel pessimistic about housing market performance and how to adopt a proactive approach

How investing in innovative technology can give you a competitive edge in any market condition, helping you thrive in both short and long timescales

The importance of automation in combating common challenges faced by mortgage professionals in banks, credit unions, mortgage banks, and mortgage brokers

How to develop a tailored approach to automation that supports your loan officers (LOs) and scales your business, regardless of market fluctuations

floify mortgage borrower experience

Combine CRM+POS+LOS in a Single Solution

Multiple options to create your ideal all-in-one experience. If you can dream it, Floify can integrate it. Utilize Floify's lightweight CRM and LOS capabilities, along with our award winning advanced POS capabilities, to manage lead generation, client care, and compliance needs.

Alternatively, choose a tailored CRM+POS+LOS configuration. Floify integrates seamlessly with over 50 enterprise platforms, including credit, pricing, broker-friendly LendingPad (LOS) and Jungo or Surefire (CRM). For even more control and differentiation, use our APIs and webhooks to further customize your integrations.

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floify mortgage borrower experience

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Origination Process

Take your production to the next-level with a platform designed with the mortgage broker's workflow in mind. From application and document management to dozens of automated communications, Floify frees up mortgage brokers to focus on high value tasks.

Key features include:

  • Boost speed-to-lead with automated needs list creation, credit reporting, and more
  • Run Dual AUS and compare results side-by-side
  • Empower borrowers to get to the finish line faster with Closing Accelerator
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floify mortgage borrower experience

Customize Your Borrower's Journey Every Step of the Way

Deliver an engaging and enjoyable digital mortgage experience that differentiates your brand to borrowers. Packing features and functionality only available from a robust, stand-alone point-of-sale platform, Floify makes it easier than ever for brokers to stand out.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive, mobile-responsive design requires no app downloads, ever
  • Collaborate with borrowers in real-time with Co-Pilot, featuring Quick Assist
  • Design every detail of your communication strategy with template-driven email/SMS updates
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Build a modern digital workflow that helps close loans faster and supercharge borrower satisfaction

  •   Build your digital workflow with industry-leading configurability
  •   Close loans up to 7.5 days faster via efficiency-boosting automation
  •   Design and deliver beautiful end-to-end borrower experiences
  •   Provide a differentiating level of transparency and access to referral partners

Equip yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the cyclical patterns and market shifts in the mortgage industry by downloading our exclusive eBook.

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floify mortgage borrower experience

Tap In To Industry-Leading Configurability

Every workflow is unique and mortgage brokers need a system that enhances, not limits, their process. With Floify, you'll have a massive number of configuration options to build your digital origination process exactly the way you want it.

Key features include:

  • Integrated with broker's favorite systems (LendingPad, Jungo, DO, LPA, more)
  • Advanced task management automation for teams
  • Custom fields, layouts, and business rule data management
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floify mortgage borrower experience

Create a Customer for Life with Closing Accelerator and Customer Capture

Simplify your borrowers' home and move, and differentiate your business, with Porch's free home management app for iOS and Android. The home concierge service helps borrowers with every aspect of their pre- and post-move experience, including:

  • Providing digital moving checklists
  • Automatically creating to-do lists using data extracted from home inspection reports
  • Gift your borrowers up to $500 in welcome gifts and offers*
  • Keep their family safe with Free RecallCheck for home appliances ($90/year value)
  • Stay in front of the borrower post close with your contact information featured in the app
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floify mortgage borrower experience

Get Award-Winning Support When You Need It

Even the best brokers need an assist from time-to-time. With one of the most renowned support teams in the industry at your back, you'll be able to originate with ease knowing we're just a call, chat, or email away.

  • Floify Academy: training videos, help articles
  • In-app live chat support during business hours
  • Weekend and evening availability
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