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Floify and mortgage origination compliance

When it comes to staying compliant in the mortgage origination process, Floify can be the loan officer’s best friend.

One Floify customer told us that she was able to use the system to make sure that her team was TRID ready before the new rules went into effect.

Once Floify has been fully incorporated into a workflow, loan officers experience a dramatic uptick in speed and efficiency, as well as having a mortgage document management system that keeps them truly organized. This means less errors and more time to get time-sensitive disclosures delivered.

Don’t worry, compliance officers, we’ve got some goodies for you too!

Mortgage Document Management

Floify is a POWERFUL mortgage document management system, helping originators and support staff stay organized and on-task for each individual loan flow. When implemented within a well-planned office workflow, the tools available from Floify can help ensure that your loan packages are complete and accurate.

  • Quick packs: Fully customizable needs-list packages help you move clients immediately into document collection.
  • Evolving needs-list: Floify allows for a needs-list to evolve as the process moves along. Add or remove document requests as necessary.
  • Document categories: Customizable categories allow for the segregation of documentation in a particular loan flow, making it easy-peasy to see what may be missing from a package.
  • Customizable Deadlines: Need your docs back in a jiffy? Adjustable deadlines for individual loan flows tells the system to speed up the gentle email reminders.

Efficient Mortgage Disclosure Processing

If you follow the Floify blog, you’ve probably heard plenty about our love of eSignature in the mortgage process. The big draw here is the speed and record keeping prowess of an eSignature platform, particularly as it applies to the unique requirements of mortgage disclosures.


Once your loan estimate or closing disclosure is prepared, the combination of Floify and eSignature (Floify is integrated with DocuSign) is capable of delivering and returning the signed documents in minutes if necessary.

Because these softwares live and breath in the cloud, your clients can access their Floify portal to view and sign disclosures from anywhere they have internet, at anytime of day, making it super handy when the window is tight.

Record Keeping

One of the reasons eSignature dovetails so nicely with the requirements for mortgage disclosures, is because of the way the software tracks and timestamps the important benchmarks.

docusign envelope status report

When an envelope is sent to your client, the system records exactly when it was sent as well as when it was signed by each party.

Mortgage Document Retention

No matter the retention requirement, Floify customers have unlimited cloud storage of any files in the system for as long as they remain customers.

Floify also has a number of ways to get files to your destination of choice. Other than the normal download to pdf/zip, additionally we’ve integrated with a number of popular cloud storage services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive).

Features for Mortgage Compliance Officers

Floify isn’t a scary compliance monster. In fact, we have built enterprise level controls to make your mortgage company’s compliance department jump with joy.

  • Company-level storage: All documents uploaded to Floify can be sent straight to a company-owned storage platform, such as Microsoft Azure or OneDrive for Business.
  • Company email server: Instead of Floify sending email from our server, we can instead tap your company email server to do the sending. This allows a company to “own” all emails sent from Floify.
  • Feature disabling: Certain features, such as integrations, can be disabled for individual accounts or company-wide at the discretion of company administrators.
  • Asset verification: When completed (Fall 2016) this feature will allow for a direct data pull from client financial institutions. This ensures data accuracy and minimizes risk.