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We're committed to providing our customers with leading-edge technologies that allow them to take their business to the next level and thrive in an increasingly digital mortgage lending environment.

Here's what we're working on:

coming soon to floify

Floify E-Sign, Version 3

Floify users may have already noticed a new document type available in the Add New Doc area of a loan flow: Floify E-Sign. Today, customers can use this built-in and mobile-responsive functionality to gather electronic signatures and dates from borrowers.

With the upcoming release of version 3, the native Floify E-Sign feature will gain support for checkboxes, radio buttons, and other form fields necessary to power any loan originator's eSignature needs, from 4506-T to Closing Disclosure.

Estimated Release: November 2020


Prior to converting a 1003 into a live loan flow, LOs will be able to invite borrowers to edit their loan application while working alongside them simultaneously in a collaborative environment.

Any changes to the application will update in realtime for both lender and borrower and all co-editors will benefit from color-coded visual cues that identify who is actively working on the application and exactly what piece of the document they are editing.

Estimated Release: November, 2020

Reporting and Analytics

A new Reporting and Analytics dashboard will provide deep insights into a mortgage business for both individual origination teams and lenders.

Uncover information about borrower demographic profiles, how borrowers interact with your loan application, pipeline analytics, and more, that can be used to inform process changes and business decisions.

Estimated Release: November, 2020

Desktop Underwriter® Integration

Floify’s upcoming integration with Fannie Mae's flagship automated underwriting system, Desktop Underwriter®, will provide loan originators with the power to order DU® findings on a loan flow as well as the option to automatically generate pre-qualification letters upon the submission of a loan application (must be configured with an active Optimal Blue PPE integration).

Estimated Release: Quarter 4, 2020

Settlement Agent Portal

Settlement agents are an integral component of the Hybrid E-Closing process accessible via Floify's Disclosure Desk solution for Enterprise lenders. When utilizing Hybrid E-Closing, settlement agents receive secure links via email to review and download remaining wet-sign closing documents.

The new Settlement Agent Portal eliminates the reliance on emailed links by allowing agents to sign in to their own secure web portal to view outstanding requirements and complete closing tasks.

Estimated Release: November, 2020

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