Workflow Tasks Phase 2 Complete + Integration

Earlier this month I wrote about scaling mortgage production with workflow tasks in Floify.

Since then, we’ve finished Phase 2 of Floify Workflow Tasks. It’s live on Floify now.

Back Office Workflow Tasks

For a clean closing, besides collecting the usual documents from borrowers, you need to collect other documents like:

  1. Title Commitment
  2. Appraisal
  3. Verification of Mortgage
  4. Verification of Employment
  5. Tax Transcripts

Floify Workflow Tasks provide a clean checklist mechanism to guide staff on back office work that needs to be completed.

Pipeline Status

Meanwhile, branch managers and high volume loan officers need visibility into the status of their loan pipeline.

Floify Workflow Tasks lets them know the exact status of tasks performed and documents collected, available 24/7, without the need for a pipeline meeting with staff. Integration

Floify’s integration is live now. As with Floify’s Dropbox integration, you can connect your Floify to your Box account and have your uploaded documents on Floify be automatically uploaded into your Box.


Floify ( is a mortgage borrower portal that securely collects loan documents and allows borrowers to check their loan status. It helps loan originators with the process of requesting and gathering loan documents, issuing requests for additional documents, and sending out status updates to everyone who needs them. Developers can integrate their system with Floify by using Floify’s RESTful APIs.