How a mortgage team used Floify to prepare for TRID

How a mortgage team used Floify to prepare for TRID

“Floify’s really helping to transition what we’re doing as a team, and I feel very confident that it’s going to be one of the critical factors that’s going to help us get through TRID.”

During a recent check-in with a top producing mortgage originator, we were given a great tip about how her team used the Floify pipeline to measure if they were prepared for the upcoming implementation of TRID.

This is what she had to say:

“After we implemented Floify, in preparation for TRID, my sole focus from the pipeline standpoint was to look at from the date of our pre-funding audit to what date did we receive our final clear-to-close relative to the contract date. Keep in mind that you need that to be 5 days before the contract date to even survive TRID.

“What’s in our pipeline now: our PF audit received 6 days, 6, 14, 14, 23, 16, 17 days. So that means from the date of contract we are completely done with our part anywhere from 6 days to 23 days before closing.

“I wasn’t sure of that metric until we tracked it specifically and we’ve all been focused on it, but that tells me we’re TRID ready as a team. I can tell you I think it’s because we’ve tried to really, really, nail down Floify at pre-qual, get that checklist out, and have someone monitoring it.

“We’ve got a long ways that we can improve, but I do believe that it is a big part of our team efficiency and our client experience.”