Why You Should Be Sending Text Message Updates, and How To Do It In Floify

Why You Should Be Sending Text Message Updates, and How To Do It In Floify

Do you use short message service (SMS), better known as text messaging, to boost transparency and keep your clients and partners fully informed throughout the loan origination process?

If not, you may want to reconsider after learning that text messages have a 98% open/read rate. That’s nearly four times more than the average email!

Nothing slows down a loan more than when borrowers are not engaged or don’t know what they should be doing. So when it comes to important loan status updates or notifications about new conditions or document requirements, it’s invaluable to know that clients are receiving the information they need to move forward.

Text messaging holds an edge over email in that area as well. It’s instant and doesn’t carry the risk of getting caught up in spam filters or the “promotions” box.

To help loan originators access and leverage these benefits, Floify includes customizable text message communications for all of the different automated notifications the system sends, as well as for loan milestone updates, that are easily integrated into existing workflows.

Which Notifications Does Floify Send via SMS/Text Message?

All of them!


Even the system’s automated welcome message can be sent via text, complete with a clickable link so that borrowers and partners can immediately access their portal. With Floify’s responsive, mobile-friendly web interface at their fingertips, clients will be able to quickly take action from their mobile device.

Beyond the Needs List message, Floify can also send text versions of the:

  • Deadline Notice
  • Add Document Notice
  • Reject Document Notice
  • All Documents Accepted Notice
  • Realtor Added to Loan Flow Notice
  • Pre-Approval Letter Generated Notice
  • Idle Application Notice

And the system has incorporated optional text messaging into the loan milestone check-off process so that borrowers or any loan stakeholders can receive those all-important progress updates via their preferred method of communication.

Worried about text message overload? Any of the system’s text message notifications can be disabled. Don’t want to send a text message to your agent partners when a pre-approval letter is generated? You don’t have to!

How to Make Sure Borrowers and Partners Receive Floify Text Messages

Floify does not just send text messages to your borrowers or partners out of the gate. Not every borrower or partner wants to be communicated with in this way. To opt them in, simply enter a mobile phone number and check the box to Send Text Messages.

For your borrowers, this can be done either when starting a new loan flow or by editing the information of an existing loan flow.

start new loan flow how to opt borrowers in to receive text message notifications

If there is a co-borrower on the loan flow, you will need to repeat these steps if they are to also receive text message notifications.

To enable your real estate agents and other partners to receive SMS notifications, head over to the Realtors, Partners tab of your Floify team settings.

edit partner information to opt in to text message notifications

From there, you can either edit existing partner information or add new partners and be sure to enter their mobile phone number in the correct field.

It’s that easy!

Customizing Floify’s Text Message Notifications

Similar to the system’s email capabilities, text message notifications are powered by customizable templates so that originators can add a sprinkle, or two, of their own voice and style to personalize the messaging.

Each notice or update that is sent to your borrowers’ and partners’ cell phones will begin with your Text Message Prefix to make sure the recipient knows who is contacting them and provide some reply-to phone and email information.

floify sms text message prefix template

Floify Merge Fields and Formatting Tags make it easy to dynamically adjust the text message prefix based upon which LO or team member owns a loan flow. Other notification templates leverage Merge Fields and Formatting Tags as well and can bring in other loan-level data to make the experience richer and more personalized.

Before diving into those templates, one thing to keep in mind is that your text message’s contents are limited to 320 characters, including the prefix and required footer. Be direct!

When you edit any of Floify’s other text message templates, you’ll notice a checkbox immediately on each: the ability to disable that text message notification.

configure add document notice text message template

With that flexibility built-in to each notification, originators can truly tailor their messaging strategy to their desired workflow and borrower/partner experience.