floify and shape integration

Supercharge Your Workflow with the New Floify–Shape CRM Integration

Mortgage origination pros know that in order to efficiently operate a high-performing business, they need to have strong CRM and POS systems that allow them to manage a high volume of loans and maintain a large database of prospects and clients while still keeping their team lean and overhead low.

When those systems communicate with each other the loan originator is able to realize additional value by eliminating more manual processes, and the potential for human error and bad data.

For these very good reasons, we are incredibly excited to announce a new integration built by the team at Shape Software that streamlines the data flow between the Shape CRM and Floify – creating a powerful loan and customer management combination.

The integration built by Shape takes advantage of new webhooks released by Floify that are specifically designed to improve integration possibilities with CRM systems, like Shape.

LOs who use Shape and Floify together will be able to take advantage of several productivity-boosting integration touchpoints:

Automatically Create New Leads

shape software crm floify integration creating new leads

When a new loan flow is started in Floify, borrower and co-borrower information will be instantly sent to Shape.

Within the Shape CRM, you will see these contacts created as prospects under the Prospects list where they can then be further organized into your marketing and sales workflows.

Synchronize Uploaded Documentation

shape software crm floify integration sync uploaded documents

Documents uploaded to a Floify loan flow, by either the borrower or a member of the loan team, are automatically synced to the Shape record’s Upload area.

To help maintain clean and organized records, synced uploads will also include the name and description of the file and label the document type as ‘Floify’ to simplify recordkeeping.

Milestone Status Update and View Email/SMS Logs

shape software crm floify integration email text communication log

When loan milestones are completed and checked-off in Floify, the integration will automatically update the Shape record’s status field to match the current Floify milestone.

Originators can leverage this status updating to build automated workflows within Shape that can trigger with a change in the field.

Email and text communications that go to borrowers as part of the milestone process are also brought over to the Shape record and will appear in the Contact Log.

Why Consider Shape?

We previously looked into the Shape CRM for our updated review of popular mortgage CRMs. What we found was a system packed with powerful, user-friendly features, one of the simplest and value-oriented pricing models in the market, and the safety of a free 14-day trial to assess fit:

“All-in-all Shape is a mortgage CRM with few obvious shortcomings and a pricing model that can fit an office of just about any size.”