Floify self-signup makes pre-qual easier on lenders

mortgage borrower portal signup

Click link. Give info. Send docs. Pre-Qual?

Wouldn’t it be nice if a prospective borrower could click a link on your website, self-start a loan flow, and send in the basic pre-qualification needs list docs? All before you’ve ever spoken to them?

Now they can. And more.


With Floify’s self-signup feature, prospective borrowers can click a simple ‘Get Started’ or ‘Apply Now’ link on your website to get things moving quickly.

    1. A few pieces of personal information on signup will start a new loan flow in your Floify.


    1. Floify will then automatically send the prospect your initial needs-list, with requests for the documents listed in your base quick pack. Prospects can begin uploading their docs to Floify immediately.


    1. Floify will take the personal info given at signup and automatically input it into the corresponding fields of either a short-form or full 1003.


  1. Floify Magic Time: Once the 1003 is cleaned-up and completed, you give the “thumbs up” to approve it. With that thumbs up, Floify will convert the 1003 into a Fannie Mae 3.2 data file.

(For self-signup base quick pack, we recommend: short form or full 1003, paystubs, W2s, driver’s license, tax returns, and bank statements)

Need more info, or a demo? Let us know!