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ScoreReturn’s Credit Restoration Solution Joins the Floify App Store

scorereturn floify credit restoration

The Floify App Store, home to integrated 3rd party services, continues to grow with the addition of ScoreReturn’s credit restoration app.

Using the ScoreReturn app, LOs can quickly initiate the restoration process for borrowers lacking the credit profile necessary to make their dream of homeownership a reality. Once the process has begun, ScoreReturn provides:

  • Free personalized credit consultation
  • Free score evaluation
  • Monitoring updates and alerts keep lenders informed when borrowers are ready to buy

scorereturn credit restoration floify mortgage

Once installed to your Floify account, the ScoreReturn app is accessible in a number of ways within your account.

First, the app will create a new tab on your loan dashboard so you can easily start credit restoration for prospects without the need to first start a loan flow. Second, you can also submit a request to ScoreReturn at the ‘Add New Doc’ level within an active loan flow. Finally, you can also start the credit restoration process from within your Prospects dashboard.

As new potential homebuyers begin to enter the prospect pool, there will inevitably be those with subpar credit profiles. Instead of turning away their future business, help them fix their credit profile so they can achieve their goal of homeownership and become lifelong, grateful customers.

How to Install the ScoreReturn App

  1. From your Floify loan dashboard, click ‘Apps’ at the top of your navigation
  2. Find ScoreReturn in the App Store, and click the Install button.
  3. Give the ScoreReturn App permission to work within your Floify
  4. Enter your information and NMLS number to setup ScoreReturn