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Streamline Your Mortgage Office

Scale Your Mortgage Production with Workflow Tasks

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Talking to mortgage branch managers over the last six months, a theme has emerged:

“I can’t scale loan originations without software to make sure I meet my closing deadlines without surprises, with transparency throughout the process.”


If you’re a branch manager and you’ve ever been frustrated by:

  1. Your inability to quickly see the status of all your loans in process.
  2. Missed deadlines because staff or service providers forgot about or needed reminding to complete their tasks by the deadlines they promised.

Mortgage branch managers are often limited by the frustrations mentioned above. They cannot confidently close an increasing amount of business if they are hampered by these frustrations.

Appraisal Example

This typical appraisal process highlights a problem when a task with an impending deadline is not reviewed.

  1. The appraisal was ordered on April 1.
  2. The appraisal order was acknowledged on April 4.
  3. In the acknowledgement, it was promised that the appraisal report would be available on April 14.
  4. In actuality, the appraisal report wasn’t delivered until April 17.
  5. Because everyone in the mortgage office is so busy, no one actually notices that the appraisal report is late until April 17.

How to Scale: Workflow Steps and Visibility Into Them

The path to scaling and overcoming these frustrations is through following well-defined workflows. Staff members who follow the workflow steps know exactly:

  1. What their next step is.
  2. What their deadline is.

This concept directly addresses the missed deadlines problem. Staff members who diligently follow their workflows miss fewer deadlines and identify problems in loan processing faster.

Branch managers gain visibility into their loan processes when the status of each workflow step is recorded and easily viewed.

Referring back to the appraisal example above, imagine a workflow step that requires a mortgage company staff member to confirm with the appraiser three days prior to the appraisal report deadline. The staff member who confirms that the report will be delivered on time provides visibility into the loan process and potentially averts missed deadlines.

Use Floify to Scale Your Mortgage Production with Workflow Tasks

Development begins soon to add workflow tasks to Floify so you can scale your mortgage production.

Assign workflow tasks in each loan file to members of your team.

Easily see promised deadlines associated with workflow tasks and whether any deadlines were missed.

Review upcoming deadlines to spot potential trouble in order to take corrective actions.

Share your newfound visibility with your referral partners. Your real estate agents will love you for it.

Scale loan originations to make sure you meet your closing deadlines without surprises, with transparency throughout the process.

Scale your mortgage production.


Floify (floify.com) is a borrower portal that securely collects mortgage loan documents and allows borrowers to check their loan status. It helps loan originators with the process of requesting and gathering loan documents, issuing requests for additional documents, and sending out status updates to everyone who needs them. Developers can integrate their system with Floify by using Floify’s RESTful APIs.


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