Boost Your Referrals with Instant Pre-Approval Letters

We know that loan originators thrive on referrals from real estate agents and other partners, so we’ve created a way to bring those third parties closer to you!

Now you can give your referral partners their own portal. Once there, they can track the progress of loans that you’ve invited them to, upload documents, and quickly generate pre-approval letters.

Introducing: Floify’s real estate agent and partner portal.

pre-approval letters

How does it work?

Simple! Real estate agent and partner information is entered into a new and improved address book. When starting or editing a loan flow, you have the option to add any number of partners you’d like to give portal access to.

Your partners will get a simple email inviting them to participate in loan flows on Floify!

When they log in, their Floify dashboard will show any loan flows they’ve been invited to.

How is this going to get loan officer’s leads?

One of the most difficult things for a mortgage loan officer is being different from everyone else. Anyone can say that they provide the best customer service, and will take care of a Realtor’s clients, but not everybody can show tangible ways that they do it.

With Floify’s Realtor and Referral Partner Portal, you can offer your referral sources something unique that is designed to eliminate the back-and-forth stress in your partnership.

They’ll love it, and you’ll save more time and get more business.
  • Real estate agents and partners you work with will be able to view milestones and see exactly where their clients’ loans are in the process.
  • Referral partners will be able to actively participate by uploading any necessary documents
  • Partners can view the red/yellow/green “buckets” and have firsthand knowledge of what documents have been submitted and what’s still owed — but we will NEVER let them see the actual borrower documentation. Like, ever.
  • If granted permission: Once your customer is pre-approved, your partners will be able to login, set a purchase price and address based on the pre-approval information you’ve entered, and print custom pre-approval letters to bring with them to showings.
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