Floify is Pushing the Integration Envelope to New Boundaries

In order for our customers to lead the mortgage industry in efficiency and productivity, Floify knows it’s vital that we build a platform that promotes integration and seamless communication between multiple mortgage software systems.

To accomplish this goal, we struck out with a multi-pronged plan. First, we would continue to build important native integrations to the best-of-breed systems our customers love. This has produced the popular integrations with DocuSign, AccountChek, Dropbox, Box, and others.

As a result, the second strategy was to build what we call Floify’s third-party integrations.

Floify’s unique framework is designed to make it simpler for 3rd-party software developers to create ‘Apps’. As a result, these apps work like an integration within the system. Through this, they can display their branded data on the Floify loan dashboard.

Since launching the Floify App Store in April of this year, we’ve partnered with several vendors to create apps. When installed by Floify customers, these apps will populate their services within Floify:

  • Equifax Trended Credit*Hi-Lite: Quickly and seamlessly gather tri-merge credit reports with trended history – all without leaving Floify. This App also allows for automation of credit pulls during the submission of a Floify 1003 loan application.
  • The Work Number: Instantly verify borrower income and employment. VOE/VOI reports are delivered seamlessly to the corresponding loan flow’s yellow bucket for your approval.
  • Hippo Insurance: The fastest way to better insurance for your clients is our new integration with Hippo. Floify clients can use Hippo’s quoting engine to secure a quote for a Hippo homeowners insurance policy, or competitor’s policy.
  • Salesforce and Jungo Reports: Developed by Razor IT Solutions, the Salesforce/Jungo app allows Floify users to access their Salesforce and Jungo summary reports and view them inside their Floify dashboard.

Our commitment to this strategy remains strong.

In the coming months, we will be launching exciting new integrations and apps. These will further enhance the status of Floify as the central hub for your mortgage software stack.

We’ve already begun to announce partnerships to develop integrations with popular LOS systems like Byte and LendingQB. Even further, a beautiful integration with mortgage CRM leader Jungo is under development and will hopefully be in your hands very soon.

Furthermore, new apps will be coming to the Floify App Store in the near future. These apps will provide more credit reporting options, additional direct source data services like VOI/VOE, and even more branded data from beloved mortgage software vendors.

As the leader in the mortgage automation space, we will always push the envelope to deliver innovative new features and functionality that enhance our customers business lives like our recent Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules release. Overall, Floify strives to create a solution that champions the openness for integration amongst mortgage software platforms.