The Path to $100M in Loan Volume (Webinar)

The Path to $100M in Loan Volume (Webinar)

The largest predictor of LO success is how well a team understands the growth impact of skill sets, leadership, culture, and systems, their order of importance, and when to focus on each. High loan volume is achievable by anyone willing to learn the methods for harnessing those impacts. Join us for a powerhouse panel on how to take control of your LO business success.

Top-performers and industry coaches Lisa Wells and Andy Zemon, who drive a combined $130m in annual loan volume, will break down the path from $10m to $30m to $90m annual loan volume and reveal how success is achieved through replicable methods and process, not the madness of working harder.

Moderated by Floify’s Chief Marketing Officer, Holly Hamann, Lisa and Andy will share:

  • The stages of LO business growth and how to assess which stage you are in. (Hint: it’s not about loan volume or how many hours you work.)
  • Why culture, hiring, and systems are critical areas to master.
  • How business priorities shift through the stages.
  • The one thing you need to be doing for your business right now.

About the Panel

Lisa Wellsis a Loan Officer and Branch Manager for Waterstone Mortgage and has been an influencer and thought leader in the mortgage industry for 19 years. Her expertise in mortgage lending and business leadership has led her business to more than $90 million in annual loan volume. Lisa coaches elite members of The CORE Training, a business coaching company that trains and mentors Top Producing Loan Officers from all over the country. Lisa’s experience, reputation, and firm belief that success can be achieved by anyone have led her to become a coach for some of the top Loan Officers in the country.

Andy Zemonis a Sales Manager and Loan Officer with Waterstone Mortgage and is also a member of the elite coaching group, The CORE Training, which only accepts the top 1% of mortgage professionals in the country. In addition to running is own mortgage team, Andy uses a career of business and financial expertise to lead seminars for other business owners looking to grow their success to the next level. Andy has a degree in Consumer Affairs and gives over 1,000 hours each year to his community as a Volunteer Fire Fighter.

Holly Hamannserves as Floify’s CMO and has 18 years’ experience helping businesses leverage content marketing and digital strategies to accelerate growth. She has helped launch and scale six tech companies and specializes in helping companies evolve from “start-up” to “emerging company” to “corporate enterprise”. Holly is a public speaker and contributing writer on entrepreneurship for Huffington Post, Fast Company, and Chief Marketer Mag. She has a degree in Mathematics and is an American Marketing Association “Marketer of the Year” recipient.