LenderHomePage integration and new notes feature

LenderHomePage.com has fully integrated the Floify platform into the services they provide for loan officers and lenders. LenderHomePage.com specializes in mortgage websites, mortgage calculator mobile apps, landing pages, and web-based marketing services.

Working hand-in-hand with a company that selected Floify as their mortgage automation platform, LenderHomePage.com was able to not only integrate Floify automation with their services, but also fully customize the look and feel of the lender’s point-of-sale website, loan application, and mobile app to create a consistent branded borrower experience.

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Floify adds notes to loan flows and prospects

Floify’s new Notes feature allows loan officers and their teams to write and edit small notes, and enter the name of the referral partner for the loan, on an individual loan flow or prospect application in Floify. Notes have a capacity of 250 characters and can be deleted or edited over and over to evolve with the status of the loan file.

Notes were created in response to the need of lending teams to sometimes have a little extra information, or additional context, on the status of the loan file. Previously when this was the case, team members would end up surfing the CRM for the client’s contact record to acquire that information that you need, losing valuable minutes. Those minutes tend to add up over time.

Accessing the notes for a loan flow is incredibly easy. Simply look for the Notes action icon on your loan dashboard, loan flow view, or prospects.