Streamline Your Mortgage Office

Credit Technologies, Clear Choice Credit, and Sarma Credit Reporting Vendors Join the Floify Family

One of the first, and most important, steps a borrower must take during their home-buying journey is to authorize a lender to pull their credit report history. This critical piece of documentation dictates not just the type, size, and attributes of a loan a borrower may qualify for, but also if they can even qualify for a loan in the first place!

To make this process much smoother for our customers and their borrowers, we’ve baked the authorization to pull credit directly into Floify’s loan application – and now have made it easier than ever for originators to obtain credit reports.

Earlier this year we released an integration with Equifax’s Trended Credit*Hi-Lite solution, and now the Floify App Store is home to a number of fresh integrations with MeridianLink credit reporting vendors, including Credit Technologies, Clear Choice Credit, and Sarma!

Customers of Credit Technologies, Clear Choice Credit, and Sarma will now be able to order borrower credit reports directly within their Floify account and have them delivered seamlessly to the corresponding loan flow.

Like all of Floify’s credit reporting integrations, these apps can be optionally set to automate the pulling of a prospect’s credit history upon submission of a loan application, or simply ordered on a one-off basis from a loan flow.