Master the Floify deadline reminder

Floify sends borrowers friendly reminders when they still owe docs

After a set period of time, if your borrowers still have unfulfilled or pending document requests, Floify will send them a (customizable) friendly reminder to get you those docs.

If borrowers continue to owe documents, Floify will send that reminder email every week thereafter.

Along with many other features of Floify, we have the ability to make some tweaks to the deadline reminder. Things like the length of the deadline, if reminders are sent automatically or manually, and even the reminder email template can be adjusted to fit our needs.

Deadline email template

deadline reminder email

The above image is what the default deadline reminder email looks like. It’s very “to the point” and will list whatever document requests have yet to be approved. The key here is yet to be approved.

One thing Floify can’t control is how fast you view and approve or reject documents that have been uploaded. It can be a little confusing for a borrower to get a reminder asking them to upload documents that they’ve already uploaded, simply because they haven’t been viewed yet by someone on your team.

We can try to address that confusion with a tweak to our email template:

more better deadline reminder

Adjusting the length of the deadline

Floify begins with a default deadline length of 4 days. After the loan flow becomes 4 days old, and the borrower still owes us documents, Floify will send the deadline reminder email.

For some originators, they’d like to push that deadline up and try to encourage borrowers to get their docs in as fast as possible. Click the image below to watch a quick video on how to change the deadline length.

deadline image

Disabling automatic reminders (and making them manually)

Floify is set by default to send the reminder email automatically if your borrower owes documents when your set deadline is reached. The system will also continue to remind your borrowers once a week thereafter if documents are still owed.

Not everyone wants this automatic workflow, and would rather have the ability to send reminders on demand. Check out the short video below for instructions on how to disable deadline reminders, or send them on-demand

deadline image

Let us know if you need any further support with your Deadline Reminder notices!