floify mortgage software update

Introducing Floify’s newest integration: Slack

Do you want a way to get immediate updates when borrowers upload docs to Floify? Would you also like a handy log of your conversations on a loan flow?

We’ve integrated with Slack to provide those features.

What is Slack? Slack is a wildly popular, and free, instant messaging app. The company is growing fast and currently valued at over $2 Billion.

What does it do and what is the value to you?

  • For each loan flow, Floify creates a Slack channel.

  • Each channel is a message/conversation log that is also fed instant event notifications from Floify (i.e. when a borrower uploads a doc).

  • Floify loan owner and loan followers will be the only ones invited to the Slack channel. Privacy and simplicity.
  • When you archive/delete loan flows, the Slack channel is also archived.

We will soon be publishing a handy help file for those that want to get themselves integrated!