Improving the Floify User Experience by Using Floify “In Anger” to Originate Loans

To experience everything that Floify customers do, I’m going to originate loans and use Floify for everything, with the goal of improving the Floify user experience for customers.

The best way for a software developer to improve the user experience of their software is to use it every day, for real business needs. Using software in anger means it will only improve faster. It will get better in the “little ways” and in big, significant ways too.

Software developers call this eating your own dog food.

So Why Should You Care?

  1. If you’re a Floify customer, you’ll see Floify get better in little and big ways. For example, i totally rewrote the standard Needs List email template because i suspected borrowers didn’t realize their Floify accounts already exist when they get their Needs List email and that all they had to do was set their password.
  2. If you’re a hard money lender who is also a Floify customer, i’ll send you sales leads with full document packages ready for your consideration and underwriting.

Using Floify for Real Business Needs

So how i can use Floify for real business needs? By originating loans.

To start off, i’m going to attract sales leads to give to our hard money lenders on the Floify platform. There are a handful of private money, commercial, and hard money lenders who use Floify.

Floify Money

Last week i built a new Floify Money website at Floify Money is our new lending service for originating hard money loans through our hard money partners, who just happen to be existing Floify customers.

From there, i’ll do the content marketing/blogging thing to try to attract professional real estate investors who need financing for their real estate deals.

First Floify Money blog post: A Real Estate Investor’s Perfect Pitch to Lenders.

An Automated Lending Environment

For those real estate investors who apply through the new Floify Money website, they’ll receive a fully automated experience to apply for their real estate loan, from application to funding.

I’ll collect a full loan document package and offer it to the most appropriate hard money lender on Floify.

The parties involved won’t communicate by sending tens of emails back and forth. We won’t use Calyx Point or Ellie Mae Encompass. We’ll use the Floify platform and other integration-friendly cloud software to fully automate the experience, with appropriate borrower and lender oversight at key points.

Eating Your Own Dog Food

By eating our own dog food and using Floify in anger, we’ll make Floify better for you and we’ll send sales leads to our hard money funding partners.


Floify Money ( is an automated service that connects professional real estate investors with vetted real estate lenders. Floify Money automates the process of funding real estate investment deals, while key steps in the automation are overseen by borrower and lender professionals.


Floify ( is a borrower portal that securely collects mortgage loan documents and allows borrowers to check their loan status. It helps loan originators with the process of requesting and gathering loan documents, issuing requests for additional documents, and sending out status updates to everyone who needs them. Developers can integrate their system with Floify by using Floify’s RESTful APIs.