Improve the chances of Floify emails reaching your borrowers

Stop Floify Emails From Going To Spam

Email does not guarantee delivery. You can, however, take a few action-steps to give Floify a better chance of ensuring your initial needs-list email (and others) get to where they belong: Your borrowers’ inbox.

Floify sends email on your behalf. What this means is that while you are listed on the FROM line, the email itself is coming from a Floify server. With some email services, this can cause hiccups in the delivering of your messages.

So, how do we tell the internet that it’s OK for Floify to send email on your behalf (and thus increase the chances your email stays out of the Spam folder)?

There are a couple of steps that can be taken here. The first is to edit what is called an SPF record in your DNS.

Lost already? Here’s a blast from the past blog post with some simple instructions for your IT person to make that update: Stop Needs List Emails from Going to Spam.
We’ll be writing up some of the other steps that can be taken to further tilt the odds in your favor, but updating the SPF record is THE place to start.