Help files to solve your Floify conundrums

Floify is designed to be a simple and intuitive interface for mortgage originators to collect borrower documents, and automatically update borrowers and third parties on the progress of their loan. However, occasionally there are hiccups, and we have begun rolling out fresh help articles to address some of the common sticking points for users.

Borrower gave you the wrong email address when you started their loan flow? You can fix that! Not sure how to link your Box (or DropBox) account to your Floify? We can show you how!

There’s even a help document that can walk your borrowers through the entire process of uploading docs — from the first email, to seeing their documents in the pending review bucket — with screenshots to guide them along.

Where do you find this treasure trove of goodies? At the bottom of any page on the Floify website!  This is what you’ll see (sans red arrow and circle):

floify help

Of course, if you have an issue that requires a deeper look, contact