Floify’s DocuSign integration is nearly here!

mortgage esignature

Yesterday, DocuSign gave us the first tentative approval of the integration.

Your borrower will see any DocuSign requests just like they would with their other Floify document requests. The best part? You and your borrowers won’t have to leave the Floify portal!  Check it out:

As a member of an origination team that uses Floify, you’ll have loads of DocuSign functionality at your fingertips:

  • Send existing document templates that are already setup on your DocuSign account directly from within Floify.
  • Send a one-off document that doesn’t use a pre-existing template by designing one — through a DocuSign user interface — within your Floify.
  • Send documents with pre-filled fields, as well as those without.
  • Send documents that also require a co-borrower’s e-signature.

All of this, without you or your borrowers needing to leave their Floify.