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Floify Announces New Forms and Deadline Capabilities to Further Automate Loan Document Collection

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Today at the BAI Retail Delivery show in Denver, announces new ways its secure cloud service can collect borrowers’ loan documents in record time, using online forms and deadlines. has announced new capabilities to support lenders in collecting their borrowers’ loan documents in record time, typically within 24 hours:

  • Online Forms
  • Deadlines

Today at the BAI Retail Delivery show in Denver, is showing its secure cloud service for collecting loan docs and forms from borrowers.

What Every Lender Should Know About

  • Collecting loan documents by email is not secure. Sensitive financial information about your clients must never be transmitted over the Internet without proper security controls in place.
  • Get your borrowers’ loan documents in 24 hours. Close your loans faster.
  • Automate collecting your loan docs. Why use so much staff time sending emails and making phone calls?
  • Works for mortgage, commercial, and personal loans.
  • Loan compliance? Survive audits with well organized records accessible to your team from anywhere.
  • features workflow, online forms, dashboards, deadlines, reminders.
  • End-to-end security between borrower and lender.