Fannie Mae 1003 Mortgage Applications and 3.2 Data Files Now Supported by Mortgage Documentation Collector Floify

Mortgage brokers using to collect and process mortgage documentation from borrowers can now collect a Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage application and create Fannie Mae 3.2 data files.

Floify today announced Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage applications and 3.2 data files are now supported by its mortgage documentation collection cloud service.

Floify not only collects paystubs and tax returns from borrowers during the mortgage origination process, Floify now collects a Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage application online.

Once a 1003 is collected, Floify creates a Fannie Mae 3.2 data file for uploading into a loan origination system.

What does do for lenders?

  • Collects Loan Documents: Borrowers upload exactly the info lenders need.
  • Loan Document Dashboard: Loan document status at a glance, for all loans.
  • Loan Officer Assistant for $1.63 a day
  • Rockets lender productivity


Floify collects and organizes loan documents. For mortgage brokers and loan originators, Floify rockets lender productivity.

“Using Floify is like having a Loan Officer Assistant for $1.63 a day,” says a branch manager of a national mortgage company.