We’ve made our Encompass integration even better!

Floify can now search Encompass for matching loan files

encompass integration

Many companies we work with on an Enterprise level use our Encompass integration to tie their mortgage LOS together with Floify. We’re working hard behind the scenes to make that integration even more powerful!

The newest addition to the integration is the ability to search Encompass (through Floify) for the Encompass loan file of the borrowers you’re starting a loan flow with.

encompass integration use

(names blurred because they’re real people!)

No more manual entry, no more accidental mistakes. A simple search with your borrowers first and/or last name will pull up and relevant loan files in your Encompass LOS!

We are working with Ellie Mae and our partners to build out additional touch-points. We foresee new integration capabilities that will allow Encompass milestones to coincide with Floify’s milestones and have 2-way information flow.

If you’re interested in what else we’re working on for the Encompass integration, check out our mini-roadmap!

Want the Encompass integration at your company? Contact your Floify account executive!