Integration with DocMagic Now Available for Business Customers

Just a couple short months ago we unveiled a new integration with document generation, automated compliance, and digital transaction services company, DocMagic.

The reason for this partnership was simple: make it incredibly easy for lenders to generate loan disclosure packages and get them into the hands of borrowers, and to allow borrowers to review and eSign those disclosures in the same web-based portal they have become accustomed to while submitting documentation.

By accomplishing these goals we would set a new bar for efficiency within the loan application and disclosing process, effectively shortening the loan cycle, to get borrowers to closing faster than ever.

Now we’ve taken that integration, which was previously only available to Floify Enterprise lenders with an active LOS connection, and made it even more powerful.

But that’s not all.

We’ve also eliminated the necessity for an active LOS connection, meaning our DocMagic integration is now available for usage by anyone on a Floify Business or Team subscription plan. Loan originators using the Floify platform now have the ability to choose from DocMagic, DocuSign, and soon Docutech, in order to provide integrated eSignature and disclosure services for their borrowers.

Here are some other highlights from the latest round of DocMagic improvements:

  • Notifications are now sent to borrowers when a disclosure is ready to sign.
  • DocMagic is now supported in multiple borrower pair scenarios where multiple Floify loan flows with different borrowers share the same LOS loan number.
  • DocMagic can now be enabled or disabled on a per-team basis, providing oversight capabilities for compliance departments.
  • Learn about other improvements that were made for the Enterprise DocMagic workflow.

Landing Pages Updated With Modern Styles and User Flow

A recent update was made to unify all landing pages with the same modern styles that were put into place for our interview-style loan application.

This includes the borrower login landing page, apply now loan application landing page, and new account signup landing page.

Additional user experience upgrades were made to ensure that borrowers would be directed back to the login landing page after signing out of the platform rather than the apply now interface. This was done to create a better, more seamless experience, as well as reducing duplicate loan application submissions.