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Boost Your Conversion Rate with Floify’s Customizable Loan Application Invitation

Boost Your Conversion Rate with Floify’s Customizable Loan Application Invitation

New additions to the Floify platform are live (or soon to be), including some incredibly useful functionality that is sure to improve workflows for loan originators and their teams. Check out the highlights below!

Customize the Loan Application Invitation Email

customize loan application invitation email

Loan origination teams now have the flexibility to edit their Floify loan application invitation email template to create a dynamic and on-brand early touch point for borrowers.

This notification is triggered when a new prospect is created in Floify and serves the purpose of inviting the prospect to click through and begin their loan application.

With this update, teams can completely customize the subject line and body of the email template leveraging the built-in editor with data merge fields for personalization. LOs can use this opportunity to provide prospects with additional information, resources, or guidance that will help build a stronger relationship and more informed borrower.

At this stage of the mortgage process with a new prospect, relationship building, engagement speed, and ease of application are critical to winning business.

Pinch & Zoom With the Latest Floify Mobile App

If there is one drawback to mobile devices, it is the compression experienced when reviewing documentation on a small screen. Depending on the file uploaded, the print can be too small to read without aid.

Which is why in the latest release of the Floify iOS and Android mobile apps – which just went live on your favorite app store last week – we've added pinch-to-zoom gesture support to the app's document viewer.

Loan document management has never been faster, easier, or more mobile!

Learn more about the Floify mobile apps, here.

documents in the floify mobile app

Floify E-Sign – Save Progress

The newest version of our native Floify E-Sign solution helps deliver a more enjoyable, frustration-free experience for borrowers and other loan stakeholders through the addition of progress saving.

Now, when a document signer leaves the session after only partially completing their Floify E-Sign requirements, the system will automatically save their progress so that they can start from the same spot when they return.

Coming Soon: Customizable Activity Notifications

customizable activity notifications

Customizable activity notifications are on their way! This feature is already being put to use by select Floify customers as we gear up for a wide release to all of our customers next month.

With this new configuration, Lender and Manager user-types will be able to optimize how they receive notifications about borrower activities, particularly document uploads and eSignature executions.

Instead of getting granular notifications, users will be able to choose to receive them in digest form and can customize the exact intervals or time-of-day they would like to receive those emails. When the digest is active, there can be a dramatic decrease in the volume of borrower activity notifications that users receive.

Stay Tuned – We're Just Getting Started in 2022!