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Nation’s Top-Performing Loan Officers Host Webinar On How to Grow Loan Origination Business to $100M

Powerhouse panel breaks down the key steps to reaching $100M milestone in annual loan volumeBOULDER, Colo., January 10th, 2017 —Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software, is teaming with mortgage industry experts to host a webinar that teaches loan officers and branch managers the step-by-step path to growing annual loan volumes to $100M. Top-performers […]

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Floify and FormFree Partner To Deliver Secure Automated Asset Verification to Mortgage Industry

floify formfree accountchek automated asset verification

Partnership protects and improves the security of financial data shared between lenders and borrowersBOULDER, Colo., Dec. 14, 2016 —Floify and FormFree today announced a partnership that integrates FormFree’s AccountChek™ asset verification solution with Floify’s mortgage automation technology platform. The partnership enables Floify’s lenders to request, analyze and certify a borrower’s financial data directly from their […]

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Announcing the 2016 Loan Officer Recruitment and Retention Study

loan officer recruiting factors

Today Floify announced the results of an industry-wide study on loan officer recruitment and retention. The study solicited over 13,000 mortgage originators, specifically loan officers, branch managers, and area sales managers. The analysis focused on loan originators with an annual loan volume of $21 million or more in order to distinguish the needs and priorities […]

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Floify’s Lastest Product Release Automates the Collection and Verification of Borrower Documents

automated income verification

Floify speeds loan process for loan officers and homebuyers with automated verification of borrower income, assets and tax returns.Floify, a leading mortgage automation technology platform, announced the release of new automated verification features that accelerate the time-consuming and manual mortgage process of collecting and verifying borrower loan documents. Floify’s automated asset verification feature allows borrowers to […]

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Floify.com Accelerates Secure Mortgage Document Collection with a New Enterprise Customer and a New Software Release

mortgage document collection

Today Floify.com announced the acquisition of a new enterprise customer and a new software release for its secure mortgage document collection software-as-a-service. Today Floify.com has announced two significant new milestones with its secure mortgage document collection service: A high-producing Texas mortgage originator with a large staff signed an agreement with Floify.com to make the Floify […]

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Fannie Mae 1003 Mortgage Applications and 3.2 Data Files Now Supported by Mortgage Documentation Collector Floify

1003 mortgage application

Mortgage brokers using Floify.com to collect and process mortgage documentation from borrowers can now collect a Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage application and create Fannie Mae 3.2 data files. Floify today announced Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage applications and 3.2 data files are now supported by its mortgage documentation collection cloud service. Floify not only collects paystubs […]

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Floify.com Collects Borrower Loan Docs in 24 Hours, Announces New Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval Letter Capabilities to Further Automate the Lending Process

Today at the Mortgage Technology Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Flux announces new ways its $99/mo Floify.com secure cloud service can collect borrowers’ loan docs in record time, while lenders email pre-qualification/approval letters at night from the couch while watching the game. Floify.com has announced new capabilities to support lenders in collecting their borrowers’ loan documents […]

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Floify Announces New Forms and Deadline Capabilities to Further Automate Loan Document Collection

mortgage loan documents organizer

Today at the BAI Retail Delivery show in Denver, Floify.com announces new ways its secure cloud service can collect borrowers’ loan documents in record time, using online forms and deadlines. Floify.com has announced new capabilities to support lenders in collecting their borrowers’ loan documents in record time, typically within 24 hours: Online Forms Deadlines Today […]

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Mortgage Brokers Use Secure Cloud Service to Collect and Process Mortgage Documentation from Borrowers

mortgage documentation platform

Mortgage brokers reduce delays while using less staff time to collect and process borrower loan documents, Floify.com announces today. Floify.com announced that its new cloud service is available today. Floify.com efficiently manages mortgage documentation and the loan document workflows of loan officers, loan coordinators, loan processors, and borrowers. Frequently Asked Questions about Floify.com: What is […]

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