Floify CEO Dave Sims Joins the Mortgage Marketing Radio Podcast

mortgage loan officer podcast

Floify CEO Dave Sims recently joined host Geoff Zimpfer on the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast to talk shop about the popular mortgage automation platform and the impact that technology can have on traditional loan workflows and borrower/agent engagement. If you’re not familiar with the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast than you are missing out on a wealth of free information. Host … Read More

3 Ways to Keep Borrowers Engaged in the Loan Process

In 2015 research firm Gallup conducted a poll of mortgage borrowers in order to gauge their level of engagement with their mortgage lender, and how it affected their overall experience. Unsurprisingly, they found that 93% of borrowers who are fully engaged with their lender are likely to recommend that lender to friends, family, and colleagues. Yet only 3% of actively … Read More

Add Your Unique Style and Functionality to the 1003

floify mortgage software update

The month of May saw Floify launch an all-new, next-generation 1003 loan application; complete with an interview-style questionnaire, TurboTax-like section reviews, and support for auto-generated document needs-lists. Since that May 1st launch, we’ve been busy! We’ve rolled out a number of updates to Apply Now 2.0, new credit reporting agency integrations, and more. Check out what’s new at Floify: Apply … Read More

Reduce Loan Cycle Time with a Mortgage Point-of-Sale

reduce loan turn times cycle times mortgage pos point-of-sale

For busy loan originators who want to understand their general efficiency level, there is no better “30,000 foot” metric to evaluate than the average loan cycle time, which you can improve through the use of a mortgage point-of-sale system. Sure, it’s more effective to understand the intricate details of each individual stage that your loans pass through. Nevertheless, as a … Read More

4 Key Elements to Evaluate When Buying Mortgage Software

While just a few years ago most consumers would have said that the mortgage industry was lagging FAR behind on the technology front, the pace with which this dynamic has changed has been staggering. The industry has moved rapidly to adopt the process and organizational efficiencies afforded by implementing mortgage software systems that solve common challenges for both originators and … Read More

Update to Floify Deadline Reminder Scheduling and More

floify mortgage software update

One of the most powerful borrower-facing features of Floify, the platform’s automated deadline reminders, work behind the scenes to keep borrowers accountable and on-task with their documentation requirements. To make this function even more useful, we just gave your deadlines a huge boost in customizability. Check out the bevy of brand-new scheduling options as well as other fresh updates to … Read More

3 Ways to Make Your Referring Relationships a Two-Way Street

The reality of today’s home buying environment is that most potential borrowers begin their journeys by engaging with a real estate agent. Even though the borrower may not know what type of loan they qualify for, this is the way most financed real estate transactions begin. Referring relationships are instrumental in creating business for LOs, and there are a few … Read More

Floify Enables Progressive Web Apps for Loan Originators

floify mortgage software update

We’ve recently rolled out a new feature that continues our commitment to creating a smooth and powerful mobile borrowing experience for your clients, as well as offering loan originators another opportunity to further develop their brand. If you are a Floify Business customer, this new update allows any of your borrowers or agents who use their phone or tablet to … Read More

Floify’s Refreshed Mobile Borrower Experience and Other Updates

floify mortgage software update

Floify is committed to providing your borrowers with an easy-to-use, responsive, and fully functional mobile experience. Thus, Floify’s system has recently undergone a massive facelift of the borrower’s mobile user interface. Imagine you are a borrower. Your loan officer starts a loan flow for you in Floify and includes relevant document requests. Then, automatically, they are able to send an … Read More

Mortgage Point-of-Sale: What Is It, and Why You Should Have One

mortgage point-of-sale mortgage pos

As the cost to originate a mortgage has been steadily climbing for years, the mortgage industry has been seeking systems that allow lenders to increase operational efficiency, increase per loan originated margins, and increase market share by offering solutions that cater to a digitally empowered borrower. To make gains in these areas, lenders have turned to a new segment in … Read More