Streamlining the Mortgage Disclosure Process

Ever since TRID flipped the mortgage disclosure world on its head, lenders have been seeking to find the most efficient way to deliver, track, and receive those disclosures, while also making sure to stay within regulatory compliance. The second part of this equation is that borrowers also want a fast and transparent process that gives them as much time as … Read More

5 Ways to Maximize and Customize Your Floify Account

Now that you’ve taken the step to integrate Floify’s mortgage software in your process, make sure that you take advantage of all the available options to maximize the return on your investment. Floify excels in its ability to customize and tailor to the style of a loan originator and their team. Certain customizations help maintain the personal feel of the … Read More

6 Ways Loan Management Software Improves the Mortgage Process

In every industry, finding ways to be more efficient is critical to increase output. In the mortgage industry, spending less time gathering and processing documents and communicating updates to your team and to your clients can dramatically increase the number of loans you can service. Below, we outline 6 ways Floify loan management software can streamline the loan approval process … Read More

5 Essential Features of Cloud Mortgage Software

At Floify, we are dedicated to providing the best cloud mortgage software possible to mortgage lenders across the United States. If you are a mortgage lender who is looking for a platform to streamline the mortgage approval process, here are the 5 essential features you’ll need. Document Portal Managing just one mortgage can take hundreds of pages of documents, and … Read More

How Secure Is Your Loan Management Strategy?

If you were really paying attention during this recent election cycle, one thing was made abundantly clear: email is NOT a safe way to communicate delicate information. Whether it was Hillary Clinton’s private email server vulnerability or the DNC hack, it was made obvious to all that no matter who you are, if a motivated person wants to access your … Read More

3 Common Complaints About the Mortgage Lending Process

Avoid these mortgage lending process issues to win repeat business and referrals We scoured the internet for a review of the most common complaints that are leveled at loan officers about the mortgage lending process. We looked at not just what borrowers had to say, but real estate agents as well. Why is this important? Because 92% of consumers reported … Read More

The right mortgage lending software improves borrower experience

Avoid Negative Reviews, and Win More Referrals One thing that we know for sure is that bad software almost always leads to a frustrating experience for anyone that must use it. The opposite is true as well: choosing a mortgage lending software, or mortgage automation system, that presents a clean, streamlined, and intuitive front to borrowers and other stakeholders can … Read More

New stuff! Deadline notice timing, and edit doc name/description!

As you probably know, we’re SUPER BUSY launching our automated asset verification feature, but in the meantime, we’ve got some new usability improvements to show off. We’ve added more customization to some of the core functions of Floify, like adjusting the timing of the deadline notice. Edit document name and description Sometimes, when a borrower uploads a document, they may … Read More

Speed up mortgage closing with eSignature

The CFPB has established that eClosings, or a mortgage closing that relies on technology, have tons of potential to improve the consumer experience. The beauty here is that there is also a lot of upside for process-oriented mortgage originators as well! You want to start incorporating elements of eClosing into your process, and you’ve got some great building blocks (hello, Floify!), … Read More

Customizing your needs-list email for max effectiveness

Needs-list email suggestions and samples For many of our customers, this automated email is the first introduction their borrower will get to the secure portal where they will be uploading their personal documentation. This email can be crucial in order to ensure a smooth, and quick, process. The big question: what exactly are we trying to accomplish with this message? Welcome and … Read More