Reduce Loan Cycle Time with a Mortgage Point-of-Sale

reduce loan turn times cycle times mortgage pos point-of-sale

For busy loan originators who want to understand their general efficiency level, there is no better “30,000 foot” metric to evaluate than the average loan cycle time, which you can improve through the use of a mortgage point-of-sale system. Sure, it’s more effective to understand the intricate details of each individual stage that your loans pass through. Nevertheless, as a … Read More

Update to Floify Deadline Reminder Scheduling and More

floify mortgage software update

One of the most powerful borrower-facing features of Floify, the platform’s automated deadline reminders, work behind the scenes to keep borrowers accountable and on-task with their documentation requirements. To make this function even more useful, we just gave your deadlines a huge boost in customizability. Check out the bevy of brand-new scheduling options as well as other fresh updates to … Read More

Floify’s Refreshed Mobile Borrower Experience and Other Updates

floify mortgage software update

Floify is committed to providing your borrowers with an easy-to-use, responsive, and fully functional mobile experience. Thus, Floify’s system has recently undergone a massive facelift of the borrower’s mobile user interface. Imagine you are a borrower. Your loan officer starts a loan flow for you in Floify and includes relevant document requests. Then, automatically, they are able to send an … Read More

Mortgage Point-of-Sale: What Is It, and Why You Should Have One

mortgage point-of-sale mortgage pos

As the cost to originate a mortgage has been steadily climbing for years, the mortgage industry has been seeking systems that allow lenders to increase operational efficiency, increase per loan originated margins, and increase market share by offering solutions that cater to a digitally empowered borrower. To make gains in these areas, lenders have turned to a new segment in … Read More

Unveiling Floify’s Most Recent Product Updates

floify mortgage software update

With the conclusion of the holiday season, recent enhancements to the Floify mortgage automation platform may have gone unnoticed. Between usability and productivity updates, and new powerful apps and integrations with industry powerhouses, loan originators, and their teams will find that there are a number of new ways to further streamline their workflow. Usability and Productivity Updates Edit Document Category … Read More

The Newest Way to Find Out About Important Floify Updates

We constantly add Floify updates to the platform. If you log in to your Floify account right now, you may notice our new update banner at the top of your loan pipeline. We use this new in-app announcement banner to let customers know about important updates or upgrades to the Floify platform. One thing to note: once you close the … Read More

Use Custom Fields and Layouts to Quickly Assess Your Pipeline

Floify’s custom fields, layouts, and business rules give originators and their teams a nearly infinite number of ways to store and access their data. This has naturally prompted some questions about exactly how mortgage professionals can use these features in meaningful ways. An example use-case comes to us from Melanie Taliaferro, Director of Training and Sales Development as well as … Read More

Introducing the Next Big Thing: Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules

floify mortgage software update

Just this week, we rolled out one of the most exciting and powerful feature updates to Floify in our history. The introduction of custom fields, custom layouts, business rules, and customizable dashboards will allow Floify Business customers to craft unique, dynamic data inputs. They can then use these features in a number of awesome ways to benefit both the lender … Read More

Audit Log, Mobile App Improvements, and Webhook Integrations

floify mortgage software update

We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds lately. It’s all thanks to the valuable feedback we have received from mortgage professionals like you. Over the last few months, we have rolled out dozens of exciting updates, apps, and integrations to make Floify even better. Now, we’re excited to share these enhancements with you which will help you further streamline and … Read More

The Digital Mortgage of Today and Tomorrow

Today, borrowers live in a connected world where a pizza ordered from Dominos is tracked in every stage from ordering to delivery, and they’ve come to expect the same from their business interactions. This culture shift has created an expectation amongst consumers that the mortgage industry needs to embrace an end-to-end digital mortgage. What is a digital mortgage? In its … Read More