How Does Asset Verification From AccountChek™ by FormFree Work?

Since we announced our partnership with AccountChek™ by FormFree, many people have asked us, “how does AccountChek™ asset verification actually work?” Fortunately, the secure, direct-source verification process is simple and straightforward to use for both lenders and borrowers. What steps do the lender and borrower have to take? As a lender, there are only a few steps that you will … Read More

Floify and FormFree Partner To Deliver Secure Automated Asset Verification to Mortgage Industry

Partnership protects and improves the security of financial data shared between lenders and borrowers BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 14, 2016 —Floify and FormFree today announced a partnership that integrates FormFree’s AccountChek™ asset verification solution with Floify’s mortgage automation technology platform. The partnership enables Floify’s lenders to request, analyze and certify a borrower’s financial data directly from their Floify account, which now … Read More

The next generation of borrowers will demand a digital mortgage experience

There is a shift underway in the mortgage industry towards the adoption of technologies that give borrowers a digital mortgage experience and that create efficiencies and cost savings in loan production for lenders. This shift was a central theme at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual conference last month as speakers and panelists noted the mortgage industry’s focus changing from the … Read More

Automate the Collection and Verification of Borrower Docs

Floify enhances the mortgage process for loan officers and homebuyers with automated verification of incomes and assets Floify, a leading mortgage automation technology platform, announced the release of new automated verification features that accelerate the time-consuming and manual mortgage process of collecting and verifying borrower loan documents. Floify’s automated asset verification feature allows borrowers to securely authorize access to their … Read More

Automating the Mortgage Document Collection Process

Fast, pain-free mortgage document collection Streamlining the lending process by automating the mortgage document collection process is a technological breakthrough that more and more borrowers are looking for when they choose their lender. Nonbanks like Quicken Loans (Rocket Mortgage) have already begun capitalizing on the efficiencies and loan file accuracy that these automations provide. Even Guaranteed Rate, a traditional non-bank … Read More

How to build the team and mortgage process that will let you work less hours

Become happier, more productive, and more efficient Do you want to increase production, efficiency, and even happiness within your business? It’s important to build a team and mortgage process with purpose so that you aren’t grinding yourself into dust. Whether you’re working longer hours, checking your email as soon as you get out of bed, skipping lunch, or taking time … Read More

Lessons from Rocket Mortgage: create a hybrid mortgage machine

The meteoric growth of Rocket Mortgage has demonstrated exactly what loan officers need to do to continue to be competitive in the marketplace of tomorrow. The answer? Adopt a hybrid mortgage lending process. A hybrid mortgage approach combines the traditional, relationship-heavy, lending techniques with modern technology aimed at enhancing and streamlining the process. Below, we’ll show you how to do it. “I … Read More

Floify’s API is open for mortgage tech developers

A little over a year ago, Floify Founder and CEO Dave Sims wrote an article for in which he described the lack of open developer APIs in the mortgage tech space. (Dave does a great job of explaining the nuances of open vs closed APIs and the issues at hand in the article.) What he said then is still … Read More

Automated asset verification is coming to Floify

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to securely and easily get borrower bank statements, retirement accounts, and other documents straight from your borrowers’ financial institutions into Floify? That would be fantastic. It’s called automated asset verification, and we’re bringing it to Floify. Automated asset verification This is going to be AWESOME.  We’re building a feature that will … Read More

Why Lenders Should Consider Mortgage Loan Automation

mortgage loan automation

When a borrower begins the process of shopping for a loan, whether it’s for a real estate investment or a mortgage, they want to search the Internet for a good loan. They aren’t always ready to talk to a person yet. We search for plane tickets, electronics, and cars online every day, and we expect to see prices displayed, with … Read More