Introducing the Next Big Thing: Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules

floify mortgage software update

Just this week, we rolled out one of the most exciting and powerful feature updates to Floify in our history. The introduction of custom fields, custom layouts, business rules, and customizable dashboards will allow Floify Business customers to craft unique, dynamic data inputs. They can then use these features in a number of awesome ways to benefit both the lender … Read More

Audit Log, Mobile App Improvements, and Webhook Integrations

floify mortgage software update

We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds lately. It’s all thanks to the valuable feedback we have received from mortgage professionals like you. Over the last few months, we have rolled out dozens of exciting updates, apps, and integrations to make Floify even better. Now, we’re excited to share these enhancements with you which will help you further streamline and … Read More

Why Every Loan Officer Should Strive for the Perfect Loan File

Before the economic recession of 2008, the average cost to originate a loan came in at roughly $5,985. Flash forward to Q1 of this year: the cost to originate a loan skyrockets to a historic high of $8,887. In a bit of good news, Q2 showed production costs settling back down to an average of $7,774 per loan. Even with … Read More

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Mortgage Software

When LOs spend time and money implementing changes to their workflow, they expect an improvement in one area or another. Being able to calculate the positive or negative return you are getting on your mortgage software investment is critical to understanding which systems are actually helping your business, and which are not. Benchmarking performance indicators One key to calculating the … Read More

The Digital Mortgage of Today and Tomorrow

Today, borrowers live in a connected world where a pizza ordered from Dominos is tracked in every stage from ordering to delivery, and they’ve come to expect the same from their business interactions. This culture shift has created an expectation amongst consumers that the mortgage industry needs to embrace an end-to-end digital mortgage. What is a digital mortgage? In its … Read More

Streamlining the Mortgage Disclosure Process

Ever since TRID flipped the mortgage disclosure world on its head, lenders have been seeking to find the most efficient way to deliver, track, and receive those disclosures, while also making sure to stay within regulatory compliance. The second part of this equation is that borrowers also want a fast and transparent process that gives them as much time as … Read More

Eliminating Mortgage Fraud with Direct Source Data Integrations

In CoreLogic’s 2016 annual mortgage fraud report, they found that the risk for borrower income fraud increased 12.5% year-over-year and the risk of mortgage application fraud also increased 3.9% in the same time period. While mortgage fraud comes in many forms and can be perpetuated by any party involved in the transaction, these rising indicators were tied directly to misrepresentations … Read More

5 Ways to Maximize and Customize Your Floify Account

Now that you’ve taken the step to integrate Floify’s mortgage software in your process, make sure that you take advantage of all the available options to maximize the return on your investment. Floify excels in its ability to customize and tailor to the style of a loan originator and their team. Certain customizations help maintain the personal feel of the … Read More

Control Access to Preferred Vendors at the Mortgage Company Level

When a mortgage lender makes the decision to invest in mortgage software that they will be making available to their loan officer teams, it comes with some strings that the lender has attached to ensure that the technology is being used in the manner that the lender sees fit (not the loan officer). Not every company has a list of … Read More

Why You Need a Dynamic 1003 Loan Application

It is virtually impossible these days to find a loan officer’s website that does not have a digital 1003 loan application that prospects can fill out to ‘Apply Now’. While every LO needs mortgage application software, the fact of the matter is that not all online loan applications are made equal, and there are certainly some formats that do more … Read More