Automated asset verification is coming to Floify

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to securely and easily get borrower bank statements, retirement accounts, and other documents straight from your borrowers’ financial institutions into Floify? That would be fantastic. It’s called automated asset verification, and we’re bringing it to Floify.

Automated asset verification

This is going to be AWESOME.  We’re building a feature that will let you automatically pull your borrowers information directly from their financial institution into their Floify loan flow.

You’ll be able to securely gather from thousands of financial institutions:

  • Checking/Savings statements
  • Investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Mortgage statements
  • …. and more!

This will allow mortgage originators using the Floify system to further speed up the process of borrower document collection, as well as mitigate risk by ensuring that the documents gathered are accurate, complete, and current.

Instant pre-approval letters — reclaim your weekend

The Floify real estate agent and referral partner portal is live and in action. Hundreds of referral partners have already been invited to participate in the mortgage origination process.

The coolest part?  You can grant permission to any referral partners to make custom pre-approval letters for specific customers.

You give them permission, set the limits and conditions, and they’ll be able to go to their partner dashboard to generate a customer pre-approval on your letterhead.

Real estate agents are going to LOVE how easy it will be for them to get a pre-approval letter whenever they need it.  Mortgage originators are going to LOVE cutting this task from their after-hours schedule.

Improved DocuSign integration

We’re also working on new improvements to our DocuSign integration as well as other upgrades, so stay tuned for more information!