floify new audit log

Track Over 100 Events With Floify’s Updated Audit Log

Who added this document request to the loan flow? Was an email update sent to the borrower? How about via SMS? Did the Realtor get it as well? When did this setting get updated? WHAT CHANGED? Floify’s new and improved Audit Log feature makes it easier than ever to get the answers to these questions, and many more, by providing … Read More

Top Mortgage CRM Software Review

Industry-specific Mortgage CRM Solutions Preferred by Loan Originators Last Updated 2019/6/20 A high-quality mortgage CRM is a critical piece of software for a loan officer and their team. It keeps their prospects, customers, referral partners, and other contacts all organized in a central location. Arguably more important than the system itself is the fit with your office workflow and processes. … Read More

floify lendingpad integration

Integrate with LendingPad®

Floify is incredibly excited to announce our upcoming integration with the popular LendingPad® LOS system. LendingPad is an innovative, end-to-end LOS solution that offers mortgage brokers the ability to originate a loan anywhere with a secure internet connection. Additionally, brokers can receive leads from consumer online portals, in-house loan officers, retail branches, and call centers. Serve your clients from anywhere … Read More

add custom questions to the Floify 1003 loan application

Collect ALL the Data You Need With a Customizable Loan Application

Not all loans, or borrowers, are made the same and the practical data needs for a lender may be different from what is required to complete a 1003 – the industry-standard for web-based loan applications. Some loans need additional information and some originators want additional data points to enable their sales and marketing efforts. And that’s before considering that some … Read More

Sync Your Floify Data with Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM

When it comes to mortgage lending technology, there are few things sweeter than when a loan originator’s CRM and POS work in tandem, automatically, to maximize the LO’s sales process while minimizing their effort. Lenders and originators that utilize Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM alongside Floify now have the ability to establish a flow of data between the two systems … Read More

Easily Support Multiple Pipelines With Floify’s New One-View Dashboard

Floify has long offered mortgage lenders and origination teams the flexibility to share important support staff, such as loan processors, between any number of branches or individual loan originator’s pipelines. This makes it easy for companies big and small to maximize their capacity and take advantage of time and cost saving efficiencies while only needing to expand their staffing when … Read More

enterprise mortgage lending

Transform Your Organization’s Lending Process with Floify

From the consumer’s perspective, the actual steps for obtaining a home loan have changed very little over the years. Fill out application. Sign authorizations. Submit documentation. Submit more documentation. Obtain final approval. Sign lots of closing documents. Get keys. What has changed, dramatically, is that borrowers are no longer satisfied by having to complete these tasks using manual, paper-intensive methods. … Read More

online loan application frustration

Is Your Online Loan Application Costing You Business?

Ellie Mae’s 2019 Borrower Insights Survey revealed several growing trends in borrower’s attitudes towards digital mortgage offerings. Some of these shifts have been discussed anecdotally for years now, but the survey data reinforces these conclusions and provides a roadmap for where the industry should focus their digitization efforts. This is incredibly important because now, more than ever, mortgage borrowers are … Read More

arizona and texas state mortgage forms

Quickly Generate and eSign Arizona & Texas-Specific Forms in Floify

For the last couple of years, mortgage lenders and brokers in the states of Arizona and Texas have been required to include additional compliance-oriented forms to their workflow. In Arizona, loan originators must fill out the Arizona Association of Realtor’s Pre-Qualification Form (PQF), Loan Status Update (LSU), and Loan Status Report (LSR), which need to be signed by both the … Read More

upgrade to version 3 of Floifys loan application

6 Reasons to Switch to the Latest Version of Floify’s 1003 Loan Application

Last December, we launched the highly anticipated third version of our web-based 1003 loan application. Version 3 offers Floify customers even more features and functionality within a modern, borrower-friendly design that is highly customizable and embeddable within a lender’s website. What’s even sweeter? There’s no hidden costs or hoops to jump through to take advantage of this platform upgrade. It’s … Read More