Floify has a cool new feature!

floify mortgage software update

New feature: Simultaneous document accept and reject

With the rollout of Floify’s new simultaneous accept and reject feature, you no longer have to discard your borrower’s docs if they don’t completely fulfill your request. Users now have the ability to reject the document, re-issue the document request, but still accept and store the document that was submitted.

You may be asking yourself, why would I need this super handy feature?

There will inevitably be small errors or omissions in docs that will need to be corrected. Sometimes this takes the form of a missing page, sometimes a missing signature, or a tiny but critical omission.

Or maybe your borrower sent you the wrong document, but within that doc there’s a critical piece of information you would still like to keep, such as an important party’s contact information.

Previously, this meant that users would have had to outright reject the document and re-issue the document request. Now you have the option to keep the submitted docs, but still re-issue a request to ask for the additional information you need, saving you and your borrowers time and frustration.