5 Tips to Help Loan Officers Generate More Leads

loan officers generate leads

Competition is everywhere, in all types of businesses. As a loan officer, you obviously have your share. Here are some ways to set your brand apart as well as generate more leads.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media
If you’re not as active on social media as you should be, you’re robbing yourself of a potentially lucrative revenue stream. This means not just being active on Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn and other platforms. If you’re already on Facebook and you have a lot of “friends,” don’t hesitate to open up a Facebook business page as well. You’ll see plenty of tips that will guide you through this simple process.

2. Blog Often, but Make Sure You do it Effectively
Blogging is a great way to position you as an expert loan originator, but remember that quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. Write conversationally, but also provide enough substance that someone will gain from reading your blog. Make sure you include trends and statistics where appropriate and also feature local market information you think most readers would find interesting. Writing about your recent trip to Hawaii may be fun, but it won’t necessarily make people want to do business with you.

3. Get Positive Reviews
If you’ve been a loan originator for any substantial amount of time, that obviously means you have several satisfied customers. Use that to your advantage by having them write reviews — they could even do something simple such as “like” your new Facebook business page. When we say “have them write reviews,” that doesn’t mean they need to put together a 500-word document saying how great you are — all that would be needed would be a paragraph or two.

4. Don’t Forget the Importance of Face-to-Face Relationships
We’re in an Internet world, of course, but people still prize having a personal relationship with others. Join local organizations where you can network and potentially drum up business at the same time. Volunteering in those organizations could go a really long way in helping build your portfolio.

5. Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field
We touched on this in the blogging section, but there are other ways you can show just how knowledgeable you are in the field. Offer to write a bylined article for your local paper — on a topic, of course, that applies to your field. Look for area websites that focus on real estate and connect with the people who post to forums. The more questions you can answer intelligently, the more people realize you’re someone who really knows what you’re doing. A couple of good examples would be Yelp and Zillow.

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