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Streamline Your Mortgage Office

Automated Asset Verification (VODA)

Simplify borrower doc collection. Retrieve the most accurate information direct from their institutions.

Complete statements the first time.

Floify's Automated Asset Verification feature lets your borrowers authorize a direct connection to their financial institution. You'll get a statement with details for every account under that login.

Verify Deposits and Assets for:

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Lines of Credit
  • Investment Assets (CDs, Money Market, etc.)

Retrieve account information history for up to the most recent 180 days!

Additional fee per transaction (call for details)

example of an aggregated statement from floify asset verification

Complete and accurate statements, in minutes.

The asset verification process is simple:

The lender adds an Asset Verification Request to the loan flow, and chooses the institution from our growing list of connections.
The borrower enters their username and password for their online account at the selected financial institution.
Floify retrieves information on every account accessible by that username/password and returns a statement to your pending bucket.

floify automated asset verification login window for wells fargo bank account

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