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Alliance 2020

Instant Credit Reports

App Description

The Alliance 2020 app integration enables loan officers that are using Floify to streamline their mortgage process and automatically collect a borrower’s credit report from Alliance 2020 upon submission of a loan application or on-demand directly from their Floify account.

Floify’s integration with Alliance 2020’s reporting services also eliminates the hassle of collecting credit reports by empowering borrowers to digitally submit their consent directly to lenders in just a few clicks.

Once ordered, borrower credit reports will be seamlessly delivered to the yellow bucket of the corresponding Floify loan flow.

Developed by Alliance 2020

Alliance 2020 has been delivering a full range of high-quality background screening and information services since 1987. For nearly 30 years our goal has been to meet the needs of our clients by delivering a full range of relevant products. That means we constantly seek out and implement new products and services as client needs change over time.

Our focus on quality means no compromises. Alliance 2020 does not take shortcuts. We not only ensure the accuracy of the information reported, but make sure our sources and methods uncover the true and relevant background of an individual.

Alliance 2020’s client centered approach means we work with you upfront and on an ongoing basis to streamline the screening process to meet your needs. This means fully customized reports, secure integration with your systems and direct availability of knowledgeable customer service agents when you have questions or issues.

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