Modern, Web-Based 1003 Loan Application


Today's homebuyer has come to expect a number of digital services to be available at their fingertips. One of those expectations is that they can complete their loan application on a computer from the comfort of their couch. Floify's web-based 1003 loan application provides the smooth and simple interface your borrowers crave to guide them through their application, at their pace.

For loan originators, a web-based loan application must be brandable, flexible to their needs, and capable of automating as many front-end tasks as possible. Floify's digital 1003 mortgage application does all this, and much more.

digital web-based 1003 mortgage loan application

Interview Style 1003 Application

Floify's "interview-style" questionnaire will walk borrowers through their 1003 loan application, step-by-step, leveraging visual cues and graphics designed specifically to be easily identifiable, remove stress, and keep the application moving forward.

As the application progresses, each section finishes with a summary screen to give borrowers a chance to quickly review their data for accuracy.

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1003 loan application section reviews
responsive and visually immersive 1003 mortgage application

Responsively Designed

As more and more potential homebuyers adopt mobile technology, it is paramount that loan originators utilize systems that can meet those prospects where they are – their phones and tablets.

Floify's 1003 loan application has been built from day one to provide just as beautiful an experience on mobile as desktop.

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Flexible and Adaptable

A loan application should be easily adapted to an individual originator's needs. That's why Floify's digital 1003 mortgage application is flexible to accommodate as many, or as few, fields as you'd like.

Change button colors, create co-branded landing pages, or add custom questions to the application. The choices are up to you.

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customizable and brandable 1003 application
1003 digital web-based loan application automations

Powerful Automations

Start gathering accurate docs with zero human intervention! Floify's web-based 1003 application utilizes powerful Business Rule automation to generate unique documentation needs lists for your prospects upon submission of their application.

Enterprise lenders can take it a step further to enable pre-qualification automation via Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter AUS.

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Dynamically Integrated

Floify's 1003 loan application has been integrated with a library of credit reporting agencies, as well as Day 1 Certainty-approved asset verification provider AccountChek.

These integrations make it incredibly easy to automatically pull borrower credit and seamlessly add any liabilities found to the loan application, as well as get a quick borrower authorization for direct-source bank statements.

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1003 mortgage loan application integrations

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