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Streamline Your Mortgage Office

The Floify Story

We’ll make you more productive in your loan origination business.

We’re building one of the most intregration- and user-friendly mortgage productivity cloud services available in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

The story of Floify began more than three years ago with a “simple” mortgage refinance.

When Floify Founder/CEO Dave Sims was refinancing his home a few years back, he was given some disturbing instructions: “just email us all of your personal information”.

A software engineer by trade, Dave knew that there was no way he was sending his tax returns and other personal documents anywhere via email. So he did what any discerning software guy would do, he encrypted the docs and emailed a link to the broker.

Time crawled by with no response.

Eventually, he called his broker to make sure they’d received the information they needed. The response? “Oh, yes, we couldn’t open that.”

Frustrated by a lack of communication, and a huge need for a secure way to transmit borrower information, Dave went to work creating Floify.

Floify has since grown in scope. No longer is it only about making sure the borrower has a great experience. Now, Floify works to ensure that mortgage originators are more efficient with their workflow, and are able to close loans faster, with less stress.

A true win-win.