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The People at Floify

We’ll make you more productive in your loan origination business.

We’re building one of the most intregration- and user-friendly mortgage productivity cloud services available in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.
Dave Sims, Founder and CEO

Dave Sims

Founder and CEO

Dave enjoys building Starburst pyramids to uplift office morale. He is a firm believer in the time-honored Swedish tradition of Fika. Dave writes his best code while barefoot.

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Mariko Hodgkinson


Call Mariko: +1.720.370.9044
Mariko is the deal queen. She’s internationally known for buying things she doesn’t need, just because it was on sale. If there’s one thing she likes to keep up with more than deals, it’s the Kardashians. Thanks to Mariko, the Floify team knows more about Kim and Kanye than they do their own families.

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Amanda Cody

Customer Success

Call Amanda: +1.720.370.3622
Just like her idol, Flo from Progressive, Amanda brings an unbridled enthusiasm to the Floify office. During her evening hours she moonlights as the primary leash-holder for her cat, Jake from State Farm.

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Drew Vigil

Customer Success

Call Drew: +1.720.370.3622
Drew is the multi-talented, “swiss army knife” of Floify. Not sure what the best local IPA is? Drew got you. Need to sell your house pronto? Drew got you. Maybe you need a masher in the middle of your softball team’s lineup? Drew got you. Tint your ride? Drew got you. Forgot the lyrics to the Narwhals song? DREW GOT YOU.

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Arul Dhesiaseelan


A master-builder, Arul is able to perform complex feats of engineering without so much as a drop of sweat. As a child, Arul was the only one to incorporate a moat, drawbridge, keep, four battlements, and a portcullis into his sandcastles.

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Michele Sims


Michele handles the behind-the-scenes work at Floify, but is highly recognized in circles as the personal liason to Koney the Business Dog.

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Eric Dutil

Growth Wizard/Sorcerer

Eric constantly reminds the team of how awesome it is in his native land of Vermont. Whether he’s making his own candles, soaps, baked goods, furniture, dog treats, jam, maple syrup, apple anything, or small engine machines, Eric knows how to represent. An avid practitioner of Office Parkour, he has somehow avoided sure disaster.

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Business Dog

Koney is all business in the office, helping top producers fund loans with as much stress as a goldendoodle can generate (which is zero).